Thursday, 21 May 2015

Free Coffee at Waitrose Everyday!!!!

After spending a near fortune on coffee for nine months while studying the BPTC, my 'new best friend' informed me that Waitrose offers free coffee (or tea) to all My Waitrose members. This is probably the second greatest news that a Bar student can hear. (Obviously the words we are really waiting to hear are "would you like to join our chambers as a pupil?") Until then, free coffee is pretty amazing. As soon as I found out I signed up for free on Waitrose's Website and waited for my card to arrive.

A week later I received My Waitrose membership card and stopped off at Holborn Waitrose to get my free coffee. I was pleasantly surprised that the choice was quite reasonable. This offer was not for some flat black instant coffee, I was able to choose from a selection of fresh coffees including cappuccino. There were also a selection of teas if your a tea lover.

There is no minimum spend and you can have a free coffee/tea every day! All you have to do is sign up for the free card which also unlocks other special offers including free newspapers when you spend over £5 on a weekday or £10 on a weekend!

So what are you waiting for??????

Sign up today :)

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